5 New Year’s Math Resolutions for kids

Kids need their parents all the time while they are in the initial stages of learning. Math especially is a subject which troubles them the most. There are a few ways by which math could be made more fun and easy. By engaging in these resolutions, parents can make learning math a lot easier for their children.

1. Be active in the math class and make sure that you have at least one query in every class. Math class might be tricky to understand, but you can always ask what you don’t understand. Have at least one question in each class.

2. Complete the math homework at the start. Math makes your brain more active and agile. Tons of homework which needs cramming might slow you down so start your homework with math. You will be sharper and more active until the end of the homework.

3. Always be more vigilant in a math test to avoid mistakes. Math can easily be wrong if you are not paying enough attention. So, no matter how good you are at the formulas or the tests, double check it to make sure that you don’t make any mistake.

4. Include math books in your reading activities. Math can be made fun by the introduction of these 30 fun math books for all ages. Every kid will fall in love with math by reading these books.

5. Be a part of a math club or engage in a math competition. Math does not end in the classroom. Be innovative and become a part of a math club or get into a competition to analyze your skills.

5 New Year’s Math Resolutions for Parents

1. Make sure that your child asks one math query every day. Make math a part of your kid’s life. You can ask him/her queries or riddles while shopping your weekly groceries. Our weekly word problem challenges can be used to make your child fall in love with math.

2. Train to learn the concepts. Make sure that your kid knows the underlying concept of every math formula and problem. Encourage him/her to ask questions about how it is done rather than what’s the answer?

3. Make family games full of math. Make sure that you play games which involve calculations or math. Games such as Monopoly or The Game of Life, Four Way CountdownConnect Four, and Chess. Make sure that you engage your child in games that you can play on family vacations to improve math and make the trip seem shorter.

4. Teach time management to your child. Make sure that you encourage your child to manage his time. He might be overburdened with work which will stress him/her out. In order to minimize this issue, you can make sure that your child an idea about time management.    

5. Make a positive outlook of math! Don’t give your child an idea that math stresses you out as well. You can help your child by helping yourself. Learn more about math to aid your kid in math training. If you are positive about math, your child will do the same.

In 2019, you can do a couple of things to make sure that your child has maximum knowledge of math. This is possible if you…

6. Make sure that your child becomes an active part of Cedar Tutoring Academy. This will allow him/her to get connected to learning in a creative and fun way. He/She will be encouraged and motivated to work hard while having fun and encouragement from his/her peers and tutors.