The more you practice Math, the better you will get at it. There are several ways by which you can make sure that your child is learning math happily and attentively.

Measure sports statistics. Sports are all about keeping the numbers and make sure that scores are updated and correct. You can sue such sports to encourage your child to learn about numbers while playing sports which will allow him to be a lot more attentive and agile. Baseball can be used to encourage a child to take an interest in math while playing games. Make your child have a favorite baseball player. Encourage him to keep stats of bats, hits, batting average, runs batted in and home runs by game. Give him a calculator so that he can calculate all of these values.

Personal finance and accounting with calculator, money and yellow pencil isolated on white background.

Begin money investment. When your child starts earning money, make sure that you introduce the concept of saving to him. This will allow him to do big in life. Take him to a bank and allow him to choose a saving plan for himself. Be it the saving account or the CDC, make sure that your child puts his money on greater purpose in life.

Incorporate cooking in math. You can incorporate math in the kitchen and make it fun for your kid while cooking. Make him learn fractions by cooking. You can ask him questions like what fraction is equal to three 2/4 cups of flour. In this way, the child will have more interest in cooking and will ensure that the answers you right every time

Le the child handle the groceries. You can teach your child a lot if you take him to the grocery store with you. The billing part is the crucial one. Make your child do the billing himself. A $100-$200 bill will be good at the start to make the child learn more about addition and subtraction. Grocery shopping would be a lot more fun with the kid involved in it. Make sure that you are a part of his learning process.  

Make games with coins. Use coins to allow your child to learn about DMAS and other simple formulas at the start. Ask him questions of additional and subtraction. How many cents of five will make 60? How many cents of 5 will be there in 70 cents? This will be a fun and interesting game which your child will never get bored of. Cents is a great way to engage the child in learning math at the initial stages of learning.

Keep a track of the family budget. You can make your child in charge of your monthly budget. Allow him to calculate all the variables of the month. Talk to him about the appraisal that you have got. Be it 10% or 15%. Make sure that he knows how to calculate eh percentages. Ask him about fractions and percentages. Ask him the percentage of money allotted to groceries and the percentage of money for utilities. This will be mind teasing and engaging.

Math wants parents to engage their children in activities which will make math fun rather than a boring subject. Make sure that you are engaging your child in helathy activities on a daily basis. Make him a part of your life at all levels and become a part of his learning activities as well. As a parent, you need to invest your time in the building of your child. Be a sport and motivate your child at all levels.