As we all know that a diamond is created from coal. Something so raw, rough and cheap is transformed into a precious and rare stone through polishing and proper treatment. Similarly, all children have been blessed with some form of intellect and expertise by mother nature that needs to be polished and treated in a structured manner in order to enable the child reach his/her true potential. That polishing, guidance, and leadership required by a child to identify and achieve his true potential are provided at Cedar Tutoring. Our experienced and skilled team is fully capable of providing quality education to the students in Palos Hills.

In the past few years, we have targeted in reaching out to wider parts of the Chicago land area and most recently we have extended our wings in the direction of Palos Hills. With the dedicated and committed services of Cedar Tutoring Academy now available in Palos Hills, parents have a golden opportunity to enroll their children in our learning center and help them achieve their academic targets with ease, understanding, and interest. Our teams at Cedar Tutoring Academy consist of professionals who are skilled, educated and extremely hard working. They work wholeheartedly and with full dedication to helping the children of Palos Hills reach their academic goals and raise the level of their educational understanding. We make sure that every child is enabled to achieve his/her true potential by:

  • Imparting undivided and uninterrupted attention to each child which is required to encounter the pressure and weak points whilst providing confidence.
  • Arrange group study sessions, where children divided into groups and are given problem statements to solve. Such Brainstorming sessions are closely monitored by our skilled and keen staff to identify the problem areas and encourage students to break their mental barriers and think creatively to solve problems.
  • One added quality of our faculty is that they themselves are parents and can connect with the students on a personal level. They know the mentality of every child and are fully aware of the fact that each student can be convinced, influenced and motivated by connecting on his emotional and natural level.
  • Establishing a connection with our students enables our staff to teach even the most difficult subjects in an environment of inspiration and confidence resulting in better understanding and better results through the academic year.

Our Mission

Our mission at Cedar Tutoring Academy is to guide and mentor the students by building up their skill set, concepts and problem-solving methodology along with imparting beneficial information on how to manage time, study constructively and streamline important content areas.

We aim at achieving top results of our students while providing a stress-free, comfortable and motivational learning environment to our students. We at Cedar Tutoring Academy have been able to achieve our mission with the help of our trained and extremely hardworking staff; who outshine in their areas of expertise. We believe in instilling our students the confidence, motivation, and inspiration required to achieve their educational targets but in a stress-free, helping and relaxed environment. The confidence and skill set imparted at Cedar Tutoring helps the students meet their academic goals all through their educational careers. We are not just a tutoring service but an institution working tirelessly towards building a better studying environment for your children. Below is a brief overview of all the subjects covered by us.

Math Tutoring

If you feel your child is not taking interest in mat and finds the subject tough, then don’t worry. Our skilled and professional staff at Cedar Tutoring Service has the right tools and techniques to help clear and build basic concepts regarding math and provide hands-on exercises to help the child develop confidence and interest in the subject.

We have proper fun-to-learn and understand activity structure for all levels, namely: Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High School that aims at offering a fun and creative environment to solve problems and understand the subject through our math tutoring near palos hills.

Science Tutoring

Every student has an area of inclination and expertise. Some find Arts interesting while others are fascinated by Science and its miracles. For those students who don’t seem to find a connection with science, its theories and experiments, we at Cedar Tutoring Academy in Palos Hills have capable and skilled science teachers who not only teach by live experiments and practices but also help developing interest in every child to study and find out the mysteries behind science, its development and advancements. Try our science tutoring today and see the difference we can make in your childs future.

Reading and Writing Tutoring

Most kids at junior level find it hard to concentrate and grasp the basic concepts of reading and writing. They are in need of special attention to help them believe in their capabilities and trust their potential. Our tutoring center near Palos Hills provide exclusive attention to each child which helps them learn and develop at a faster pace.

Algebra Tutoring

Algebra is a tough subject for most students as it is a little complex with techniques and numerous formulas. Our teachers at Palos Hills branch make the memorization process very easy with fun and repeated problem-solving exercises and individual and concentrated attention.

Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Tutoring

Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are classified branches that need special attention to each child in order to impart proper understanding and practice of each subject. Our professional staff at Palos Hills branch will help your children achieve a good grasp on these crucial subjects in the most important time of their academic career.

ACT or SAT Preparation

Trust us at Cedar Tutoring Service Palos Hills branch and leave your worries aside. We have special workshops and training to ensure your child achieves the desired score. We work in close compliance with each child to focus on all subject areas, solve test papers, and provide significant paper solving techniques to ensure optimum results.

Why should you trust us?

Tutoring can seem simple and straightforward, but the wrong student-tutor match can be a waste of your time and your investment in your child’s education. In fact, without the right program, your child or teenager could become even more confused and frustrated. We come to you, providing quality tutoring services you can trust. Our goal is to help students not just understand a subject, but comprehend how to learn and expand their potential in the future.

You should trust us with your child’s education because we have the required dedication, skill set and professionalism in our faculty along with active learning techniques that ensure optimum results and grooming of your child in a safe, motivational, inspirational and creative learning environment.