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Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

                                           – Malcolm X

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    Academic Coaching


    Perfect for providing more hand-on practice, greater challenge or aid your child in school assignments, tests and extensive workloads.



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    Advancement & Test Prep

    Perfect for assisting your adolescent in accelerated subjects, if they are fast-paced in school and are expecting to develop high level skills and attain ideal SAT/ACT scores.



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    Personalized Tutoring


    Perfect for building up your child’s exam scores, grades and confidence.



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    CEDAR Enrichment


    Cedar is one of the top providers of STEM programs in North America. Our mission is to provide our students STEM education in an interesting and fun manner today, so they can be equipped to be the leaders of tomorrow.

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    We Deliver Results


    • Celebrate your child’s greater academic success and higher confidence at school.

    • Nearly 10 years of experience in aiding hundreds of students in and around Hickory Hills reaching higher levels of academic success.

    • Celebrate correct answers, improved test scores and impeccable grades.

    • Cedar is teacher owned and not a franchise. We take pride in what we do.

    • Your child will remain with the same tutor to allow this relationship to thrive, grow and to allow for easy tracking of your child’s progress.

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    We Are Affordable


    • Our monthly plans are very affordable and family friendly compared with those of competing tutoring agencies and private tutors.

    • Cedar provides you with more services for the same cost. Professional and qualified teachers, Hickory Hills School District matched syllabus. And best of all, visible results.

    • Cedar pays off. Parents from Hickory Hills and around availing Cedar’s services will tell you about our programs being worth every penny you spend since we provide best results.

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    We Are Teachers (Not Tutors)


    • We are familiar with Hickory Hills schools’ syllabi so our programs match those lessons taught at school.

    • We provide assistance for nearly all subjects to cater to your child’s changing needs.

    • We are skilled at developing teaching strategies and explaining concepts suitable to your child’s needs to ensure that your child’s academic skills and confidence increases (and stress is relieved) and thus creating an engaging and motivational atmosphere for your child!

    • Our teachers are handpicked for their expertise, intelligence, and experience with teaching and mentoring children.

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    • Math Tutoring

    Math is one of the fiercest subjects for students, but it is also one of the most interesting if the underlying concepts are clear. We can help your child come out of the shadow of fear and have fun with our math tutoring Hickory Hills.

    • Science Tutoring

    All that cramming does not do any good if your concept is not clear. Science is nature and you need to learn the laws of nature to grow a liking for science. Whether your child needs Science tutoring, Physics tutoring, Chemistry tutoring or Biology tutoring, rest assured that we can help.

    • Reading & Writing Tutoring

    Reading and Writing proficiency is innate to academic performance since one cannot express his/her ideas and solutions without good reading and writing. We can help your child develop his/her reading and writing abilities right from elementary school. Check our Reading & Writing tutoring near Hickory Hills.

    • ACT and SAT Preparation

    Achieving a strong ACT or SAT score can provide many opportunities for your child. From getting into their dream college, getting invitations to special learning opportunities, or even to winning scholarships, a higher ACT or SAT score can really make a difference. At Cedar, we provide ACT & SAT prep tutoring to meet your child’s specific needs.

    What Your Neighbors Say About Cedar

    Phenomenal tutors and staff. Very good math and science tutoring. Worth every penny.
    Linda Zürcher
    Linda Zürcher

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