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Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

                                           – Malcolm X

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    Academic Coaching


    Perfect for providing more hand-on practice, greater challenge or aid your child in school assignments, tests and extensive workloads.



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    Advancement & Test Prep

    Perfect for assisting your adolescent in accelerated subjects, if they are fast-paced in school and are expecting to develop high level skills and attain ideal SAT/ACT scores.



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    Personalized Tutoring


    Perfect for building up your child’s exam scores, grades and confidence.



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    CEDAR Enrichment


    Cedar is one of the top providers of STEM programs in North America. Our mission is to provide our students STEM education in an interesting and fun manner today, so they can be equipped to be the leaders of tomorrow.

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    We Deliver Results


    • Celebrate your child’s greater academic success and higher confidence at school.

    • Nearly 10 years of experience in aiding hundreds of students in and around Hickory Hills reaching higher levels of academic success.

    • Celebrate correct answers, improved test scores and impeccable grades.

    • Cedar is teacher owned and not a franchise. We take pride in what we do.

    • Your child will remain with the same tutor to allow this relationship to thrive, grow and to allow for easy tracking of your child’s progress.

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    We Are Affordable


    • Our monthly plans are very affordable and family friendly compared with those of competing tutoring agencies and private tutors.

    • Cedar provides you with more services for the same cost. Professional and qualified teachers, Hickory Hills School District matched syllabus. And best of all, visible results.

    • Cedar pays off. Parents from Hickory Hills and around availing Cedar’s services will tell you about our programs being worth every penny you spend since we provide best results.

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    We Are Teachers (Not Tutors)


    • We are familiar with Hickory Hills schools’ syllabi so our programs match those lessons taught at school.

    • We provide assistance for nearly all subjects to cater to your child’s changing needs.

    • We are skilled at developing teaching strategies and explaining concepts suitable to your child’s needs to ensure that your child’s academic skills and confidence increases (and stress is relieved) and thus creating an engaging and motivational atmosphere for your child!

    • Our teachers are handpicked for their expertise, intelligence, and experience with teaching and mentoring children.

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    • Math Tutoring

    Math is one of the fiercest subjects for students, but it is also one of the most interesting if the underlying concepts are clear. We can help your child come out of the shadow of fear and have fun with our math tutoring Hickory Hills.

    • Science Tutoring

    All that cramming does not do any good if your concept is not clear. Science is nature and you need to learn the laws of nature to grow a liking for science. Whether your child needs Science tutoring, Physics tutoring, Chemistry tutoring or Biology tutoring, rest assured that we can help.

    • Reading & Writing Tutoring

    Reading and Writing proficiency is innate to academic performance since one cannot express his/her ideas and solutions without good reading and writing. We can help your child develop his/her reading and writing abilities right from elementary school. Check our Reading & Writing tutoring near Hickory Hills.

    • ACT and SAT Preparation

    Achieving a strong ACT or SAT score can provide many opportunities for your child. From getting into their dream college, getting invitations to special learning opportunities, or even to winning scholarships, a higher ACT or SAT score can really make a difference. At Cedar, we provide ACT & SAT prep tutoring to meet your child’s specific needs.

    What Your Neighbors Say About Cedar

    I am honored to say I am able to work at such an amazing tutoring center and having the absolute best boss, coworkers, and students. I always look forward to seeing these bright, young faces and help tutor them to the best of their abilities. These children have made such a difference in my life and have made the tutoring center feel like a second home. I have worked one on one with a couple of students, and I can say I couldn’t feel more proud then to see each and every one of these kids progress by the day, and I feel grateful to be the one helping them through this journey. Asmah truly is the most caring and compassionate boss because she is always understanding and cares for the well being of her workers.
    I’ve been looking for a good tutoring place for years until I came across Cedar. It’s a very professional atmosphere with tutors who really care for their students. My niece has improved so much in reading and math! She loves going here. Asmah makes it very easy to schedule sessions, she is very flexible, and my niece adores her!
    My daughter was struggling to read after Covid learning from home. Cedar tutoring not only brought her up to grade level, but above grade level. The best part is her confidence is through the roof now because of her reading skills! I am beyond grateful I enrolled my daughter at Cedar and look forward seeing her continue to thrive here!🥰
    Honestly, I wish i could’ve put my kids in these tutoring sessions sooner. it’s only been a month and I can tell my kids are more confident in there maths skills. Ms Susan and Ms Asma are absolutely so welcoming, nice, and responsible. My kids adore them, they understand them and will always be willing to help when they are struggling in anything. Not to mention there session area/class is extremely clean and organized, very cute too! I highly advise enrolling your kid/teenager, you won’t regret it!!
    Our kids have benefited greatly the past two months. They started only able to complete half of their math assignment in one session, and now are completing three assignments each time they visit Cedar Tutoring. They’ve improved in both math and reading, and we’re sure they’ll be well prepared for the next school year. Tutoring is a must these days. Highly recommended.
    My son started second grade barely able to read. I was so worried because the pandemic had caused such a strain on children’s academics. Asma and her team made sure that our concerns for my sons learning were taken care of. What I didn’t know was how fast he would grow in reading with the outstanding tutoring service. I can’t rave more about how much your team has helped my son excel in his academics and grow the confidence he needed to want to learn. Thank you doesn’t cover it. We truly love all the cedar family has done for ours!
    I’ve tried different tutoring in the past and I have to say this is the best by far! Ms. Asma is very responsive which I love. Very professional and willing to work with your schedule! It’s also the little things like walking my daughter out to make sure she gets to my car! They are very caring! My daughter loves going to her tutor. Her Arabic has improved as well since attending. Definitely recommend this place to everyone I know!!! 10/10!
    I am delighted to share my wonderful experience with Cedar Tutoring Academy. As a concerned parent, I was seeking professional assistance for my child’s reading and math skills, and I couldn’t have found a better tutoring service.The progress my child has made under the guidance of Cedar Tutoring Academy is truly remarkable. His reading and math skills have improved, and his confidence has soared.Furthermore, the administrative support provided by Cedar Tutoring Academy (Asmah) has been exceptional. Scheduling sessions was a breeze, and they were flexible in accommodating our busy schedule. The communication channels were always open. Their professionalism and dedication truly set them apart. Thank you, Cedar Tutoring Academy, for your exceptional service!
    My son has been attending Cedar Tutoring Academy for a few months now, and I have seen tremendous improvement in his reading skills. My son works with staff for almost 2 hours every week. He has been working on CVC and sight words. One of the proudest moments as a parent is to be driving around in the car or in the grocery store, and my son is reading basic words. As a parent one of the hardest things to deal with was my son not being able to read as a 2nd grade, I felt like I failed as a parent. Cedar Tutoring Academy has taken the load off and put my mind at ease. Thank you Cedar Tutoring Academy ! As a parent I highly recommend this tutoring service.
    They helped my sister get back on track with school and to gain confidence in her abilities. They are extremely friendly and helpful. Pricing and scheduling are flexible and reasonable. The staff are very understanding, especially if you have to cancel a session at the last minute; they will help you reschedule. I would definitely come back here again if the need arose!
    Cedar gives students the confidence they need to be successful in the classroom. My daughter has learned so much in the short time she has been going to Cider. She loves working with the tutors. It is a warm and welcoming environment. It is also nice that they have family events that allow the parents to be involved.
    Enrolling my son for tutoring at Cedar Tutoring Academy has been one of the best decisions! Even his teachers at school have mentioned his improvement academically and in his confidence. I appreciate the attention and care my son gets. I spend a lot less time discussing his school work because he completes it and understands it thanks to his tutors. The customer service I have experienced as the parent has been phenomenal and consistent.I also appreciate the safe environment Cedar Tutoring Academy provides. Highly recommended!
    This place is amazing ! My 6 year old started 2 months ago and is now going on her 3rd month. I definitely see the improvement, I started tutoring because she was behind in school with her reading and writing. Ever since she started tutoring she’s shown a big improvement. The director here is also so friendly and flexible with scheduling sessions. The tutors are also great and my daughter has said nothing but good stuff about them.
    We were so happy with my daughter’s tutoring. Thanks to her tutoring, she was able to comprehend some math and grammar that was not clear to her. This also helped to really boost her confidence. She is like a more empowered version of herself. I would recommend Cedar tutoring in a heartbeat to any parent looking to help their child!
    My son went to Cedar all summer and I couldn’t be more pleased with his progress. He is doing so much better in his school work and he’s way more confident! I also enrolled my daughter last month for the chess club they started and she loves it! She made new friends and the tutor was amazing! They both loved the tutors and were happy to be there. I Highly recommend Cedar Tutoring!
    My two boys have been going to Cedar over a year and couldn’t be more pleased with their progress. They not only are doing better in their school work but have more confidence with their homework! I also enrolled my daughter a few months ago to get help with her letters and already see an improvement! All three LOVE going! They love the atmosphere and their tutors. Also compared to other tutoring places, Cedar is very affordable.
    Cedar Tutoring Is a great learning place! Each tutor there has a different teaching style which gives more options to your child’s specific needs. My son really enjoys going there and never complained once. They’ve helped him through so many lessons that he thought he’d never get through. They take communication with me and my child’s teachers very seriously which I really appreciate. They are highly professional and have safe security measures. Not to mention they are affordable and work well with my ever changing schedule. They do not disappoint and I’m so satisfied year after year with them!
    Asma and her team did a great job with my children by engaging and challenging them this past summer. They both had a quiet confidence about starting the new year knowing the work they put in the summer was going to pay off. I highly recommend Cedar Tutoring to any parent looking to help their children gain confidence in their studies!
    The tutors are experienced and knowledgeable. They helped my daughter focus and understand her lessons. Her tutoring sessions here are effective, engaging and fun.
    We put my step-son in Cedar tutoring the beginning of summer 2022 and in just 2 months he jumped from a level A in reading to a level D. He loves being here and I know when I drop him off he is in good hands. My step-son has found a love for reading we were afraid he would never get and has gone from asking us to read everything to him to being excited to try all on his own. I love how dedicated and involved all the tutors are to every kid and how they love to see them succeed just as much as the parents. I would recommend Cedar tutoring to anyone looking.
    I’ve seen amazing improvements with my sisters reading, writing and speaking during her time at Cedar Tutoring Academy. They were always very flexible and understanding with time as long as you are at constant communication with them. My sister loved going there and always felt welcomed and felt better about her language development.
    My son has been attending cedar academy for a month and the results so far are OUTSTANDING. The tutors here work really well with him. They take their time to teach and understand him. Cedar’s attention to my son’s needs are EXCEPTIONAL! The security is GREAT as well. Each child is buzzed in with a tutor walking each child to their rides once their session is done. Keep up the good work Cedar Tutoring Academy!
    My son is enrolled at Cedar. He loves attending because the environment is geared towards the kids success. He has improved in his reading in a tremendous way in such little time. Cedar is truly a great place for anyone who feels their child needs some extra help. Not only will they receive what they need, but it’ll help them improve by moving ahead a level! There’s only positive things to say when it comes to Ms. Asma, she truly is a great teacher and cares so much about the success our son has in school. Thank you!
    Cedar Tutoring was more than I could have hoped for. I was looking for an affordable way to help my child and this place is it! She came in about 2 years behind and is now at grade level. Cedar helped her in ways I couldn’t and for that I am so grateful. I highly recommend it. All the tutors are so sweet. My child actually enjoys going to tutoring and gets excited when she gets to use her rewards for prizes. Even her confidence has grown. Overall, I am so pleased and happy to have found this little spot so close to home.
    This place unbelievable the owner asma was so nice my kids love the place I gave her 10* thank u keep up with the good work
    I love how caring and professional Cedar’s staff. In addition, I appreciate the center’s open door policy and how they are very accessible and understanding. My son loves coming to Cedar to enhance his reading skills and his confidence towards school. I’m so thankful for the extra spark of happiness that you’ve helped to bring out of our son. Keep up the great work!
    I am very pleased with the Cedar tutoring. My grandson is improving in school. The staff is warm and professional. When my grandson had to meet with the staff at his school, Cedar sent a representative to attend the meeting also. I really appreciate the support. Highly recommended for math tutoring and english tutoring as well.
    Every staff member at Cedar tutoring is 110% invested in my son to improve his reading level and overall academic success! All questions were answered, and a learning plan was set right from the beginning. Timely reviews of his progress keep me in the loop! Worth every dollar!! I highly recommend!
    Turned to Cedar after trying other tutoring methods with my daughter. Best decision I’ve made and best money I’ve spent. She is grasping the concept more and more with each visit and her grades have improved. She is more confident as well. I would definitely recommend!

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